Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toddler Love

I've mentioned once or twice how much I adore having a toddler.  I have reasons galore, and discover new ones every day.  Here is my discovery from yesterday.

I love that Miles has become so very affectionate.  For eight hours a day, I am his favorite person in the whole wide world, and he makes sure I know it.*  He will run to the opposite end of the office, then realize that I didn't follow, and yell, "Mom-mom?  Mom-mom? Ere go?" [Trans: Mommy?  Where did you go?]  Because my little adventurer likes to know that Mommy has his back.  When he goes on an adventure with Cameron, or one of his other Faire friends, he always returns with a big smile and a hug for me.  When he's playing quietly by himself (so rare, these days), he always takes a moment to come over and hug my knee, or ask for a kiss, or a high five.

And then, there are moments like yesterday.  We had gone to Arby's for lunch, and were sitting side-by-side in a booth.  We were nomming on roast beef, and jamming to the awesome 80's music playing overhead.  Suddenly, a laugh bubbled up at the sheer joy of the moment shared with my son.  "I love you," I told him.

He blew me a kiss.

Then, he came over and gave me a real kiss, right on the lips.

Then, he jumped twice, and threw himself on me, wrapping his arms around me, yelling, "Hug!"

My heart threatened to explode with love for my little boy.  Even now, as I type this, I am blinking back tears of happiness.

This is what motherhood should feel like.

*Once Daddy is home, Mommy ceases to exist.  Not a terrible thing, at all, some days. :)

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