Friday, January 14, 2011

Battles & Blessings

  • Snow.  It kept us inside for the first half of the week, which made Miles and I both cranky.
  • Eczema.  Just when I thought we were getting a handle on it, it popped back up, worse than ever.
  • Vaccine issues at the doctor.  Apparently, our old doctor missed three shots over the course of the past year (each from a different set, somehow).  And then the medical records weren't entered into the computer system correctly.  Our new pedi is working on getting everything figured out and fixed, and she gave him the vaccines that he should have gotten before.  But that means he's still behind on the two vaccines he should have gotten this month.  We'll catch them up later.  I'm just mad at the old doctor for screwing up so bad.

  • A new doctor who actually seems to be way more competent. 
  • My husband, who has been excellent about giving me a little bit of time to myself every evening.  It's been a lifesaver, even when it's only a few minutes.
  • Naps.  Miles has finally started napping better.  We've been working toward this for over 15 months, and we finally found the right combination of environment and timing to get him down without a fight.  My days have suddenly become a breeze (at least, comparatively). :) 
  • Another opportunity to perform.  We had our first rehearsal for our Alice in Wonderland tea, and it was a ton of fun.  I can't wait to really get to work on this project!

EDIT: Yeah, so I'm a dork and posted this a day early.  And didn't even realize it.  Meh.  Maybe that will mean a real post for tomorrow.  Or none.  We'll see. :)

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