Saturday, January 29, 2011

Battles & Blessings

How can it be Saturday already?  This week has flown.  (Not that I'm complaining.  Just surprised.)


  • My teeth.  I started off the week with a sore mouth.  In the end, I had two cavities filled and a wisdom tooth removed.  Yay me.
  • Icky sickies.  I don't know if I'm still trying to catch a cold, or if my head-congestion-y stuff is just a result of the trauma my mouth has undergone this week.
  • Miles' teeth.  As in, he's getting more.  Again.  Can we just be done with teeth for a little while?  Please?
  • Exhaustion.  When I'm in pain, I just want to sleep.  When Miles is in pain, he apparently wants to climb the walls.
  • Stupid judgmental people on online forum boards.  I blow raspberries at the lot of them.

  • Patrick.  He really should just stay at the top of my list of blessings.  This week, he has really taken up the (vast amounts) of slack due to my exhaustion and pain-induced laziness.  How he continues to do all that he does, I will never understand.
  • Dominic.  When Mommy just doesn't have the energy to race around the living room with Miles, Dominic takes over.  They started playing a chase game this week that makes them both happy, and is hysterical to watch.
  • New recipe ideas.  Because not only do I get an opportunity to cook (something I truly enjoy), but I get to introduce Miles to new and exciting foods (that he likes!).
  • My sister-in-law, who will be visiting and baby-sitting, so that Patrick and I can have a date night tonight.  I love it when people insist on baby-sitting.  It means I don't feel bad about asking. :)
  • But more than anything, my son.  Though he has been teething, and therefore in pain, for much of the week, he also seems to know that I don't feel well.  When I am really down, he always does something to make me smile.  Everything about him brings joy to my heart.

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