Monday, January 10, 2011


I know some people love the snow, and are all excited about this storm that has blanketed so much of the country.  I am not one of those people.  I hate the snow.  It's cold.  And sticks to you, then melts, so you're cold and wet.  Yuck.

Which is terrible for me, because the stuff just won't stop falling from the sky.  In buckets.  Big, fat flakes, blowing in the crazy-cold wind.  The ground was covered when I let the dog out this morning.  Only three hours later, his prints are almost filled with snow again.  You almost can't tell he was out there at all.  The snow plows keep on coming, but an hour later, you can hardly tell they've been by.

The worst part is that I'm stuck inside.  I could brave the cold and snow, but to what end?  Risking a car wreck just to get out of the house irresponsible, at best.  Add in the fact that I'd have to drag Miles along, and it becomes downright stupid.

Oh, and he's cranky and tired, to boot.  Blargh.

Only ten more weeks until spring.  Only ten more weeks until spring.  Only ten more weeks until spring . . .

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  1. I hate the snow too! I took my child to petco yesterday just to give us something to do. He kept saying "outside, outside!" and it broke my heart. Maybe a warm front will come by soon!! Ugg!!
    Thanks for your post!