Thursday, January 6, 2011


Since my brain is still too confuzzled this early morn to write anything more than one coherent sentence, here is a list of current cute things that Miles does to melt the hearts of the world.*

  • He's starting to point out body parts - particularly facial features.  The other day, he successfully pointed to my eyes and nose when asked, but when I asked where my mouth was, he pointed to his own.  "That's Miles' mouth," I said.  "Where's Mommy's mouth?"  He grinned, leaned forward, and kissed me on the mouth.  I apparently had a good reaction to it, because this is now standard practice for showing me where Mommy's mouth is. :)
  • He blows kisses.  And he's stopped putting them in his ear afterward. :)
  • He likes to steal my chair.  Which is hysterical because he cannot climb into it without help.  So, he asks me for help to steal my chair.  Once he's in and seated, he grins and spreads out over the chair so I can't sit down without sitting on him.  Which I pretend to do, much to his delight.**
  • For months, he's been waving his entire arm to wave bye-bye.  Now, he opens and closes his little hands.  Most times, it's facing backward, making it look like he's waving bye-bye to himself. :)
  • He loves to 'help'.  He will happily throw away trash, take some item from one parent to another, carry a small object around, put things in drawers (or cabinets, or bins, etc.), and will even help get the laundry into and out of the dryer.  Often, his 'helping' results in more work, but it makes him happy, and he's trying. :)
  • When he climbs the stairs (with an adult behind him), he pauses about halfway up to look out at the world from that height.  He delights in being as tall - or taller than - any adult left standing on the ground floor.
  • He has developed a sudden fascination with our friend Shelby, and will run to him, sit in his lap, and talk to him (very seriously) in gibberish for minutes on end.  
  • He has become really good at stringing his signs together to convey more complex questions and requests.  Yesterday, at the Gym, he looked around until he made eye-contact with me (I'd just sat down, a few feet away), pointed at the bouncy house, and signed, "More up, please." (Indicating that he needed help to get up the stairs and into the contraption).
  • When Daddy comes home in the evening, Miles regales him with tales from the day.  Last night, he took over my chair and spoke at length.  Within the litany of gibberish, we were able to make out the words, "I bounce!" over and over again.  When we repeated the words back to him, he smiled hugely, bounced in the chair, and said, "I bounce!"
He's doing a million more cute things, lately, but he has just awoken.  Off to more cuteness!  Happy Thursday!

*Holy run-on sentence, Bat Man!

** Yet more proof that parents are weird.

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