Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cuteness Update

Newest cute things that Miles is doing:
  • Praying.  Before lunch on Thursday, he folded his hands and bowed his head, and said a little gibberish prayer.  Talk about a proud mommy moment.
  • Blowing on things.  He purses his lips and blows air out his bottom lip.  Most of the air goes up his nose and ruffles his hair, but he is so proud of himself. :)
  • Saying, "bananananana" for the first time.  Once he gets going, he forgets to stop, though.  :)
  • Giving hugs to the other young children at open gym.
  • Wrestling with the dog.  They both lay down on the couch and roll around, Dominic licking Miles' face and arms, Miles giggling uncontrollably.
  • Using phrases, particularly, "I want this." (Usually in regards to something he can't have, but hey, it's cute.)
  • Showing his "cheese face" when asking please.  You can tell that he totally knows he's adorable, and he's milking it for all it's worth.
  • Doubling over in pretend laughter whenever someone else laughs.  He even does this if a TV show has a laugh track.  It's so obviously fake that everyone around him laughs, too.
  • Starting every string of gibberish with, "Ummmm . . ." and a sigh.  Like he's bringing up a difficult subject.
  • Miles has a plastic dinosaur named Charlie.  Charlie has started nomming on people's legs when Miles needs attention.
  • Using his toy keys to try to lock the front door.
  • Sitting in his little chair that he inherited from Daddy's childhood.
  • Using every appropriately-sized card like a debit card.
  • Paying the cashier at every store.
  • Trying to put on shoes.  His are too difficult to put on by himself, but Aunt B's are really easy.  Walking in them is not so easy, though . . .

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