Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Miles' New TV Friend

So, it's no secret that I'm a Bad Mommy and let my kid watch TV from time to time.  Mostly, we watch Qubo (which is such a great channel that I really need to write an entire post on it sometime).  The shows are great, and Miles loves to watch Maisy and Boo.  But mostly, he likes this guy:

Yeah, Montel Williams* is doing one of those "Money Now!" commercials that seems to blanket daytime TV.  You know the type: "Need money to get you to payday?  We'll give you cash, and charge you interest rates that will have you paying it off for the rest of your life!"**

Every.single.time this commercial comes on, Miles runs to the TV, plops his little hiney on the floor, and says, "Hi!" in a very excited voice.  He spends the next 30 seconds in pure awe of Montel and his promises of cash.  And when the commercial changes, Miles gets  up again and returns to whatever he was doing before.

Such is the Power of Montel.

*Funny story: I didn't even realize it was Montel Williams until I went to find this picture.  I don't know if I'm just way out of touch, or if he just looks old.

**Truth in advertising, you see.

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