Monday, January 24, 2011

Toddler Gym

I have writer's block.  And a bad case of the Lazies.  So, here are some cute pictures from Toddler Gym this morning.  Enjoy.  Maybe someday I'll write something decent again. :)

Ah, the toy car.  It frustrates him, and yet he loves it.

Exploring far away from Mommy!
[He was across the gym.  I had to crop and zoom
so you could see him at all.  Bad Mommy, I know.]

Vacuuming the gym floor.  I'm so glad he's such
a neat nick.  Soon, he will clean the entire house with
his tiny broom and tiny vacuum. Mwahahahahaha!*

*Sorry.  Not much sleep last night.  Does it show?

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