Sunday, January 2, 2011

Routine - 15 months old

I'm using this post for me, today, so read on, if you want, but know that it's nothing interesting. :)

Looking back over the past year, I've realized that I don't have a very clear picture of how far we've come, routine-wise.  I know all of the milestones that Miles has hit, and when, and I have a great collection of photos from the entire year.  What I don't have is any idea what his routine was like at 3 months, 6 months, etc.  So, Future Self, here is Miles' current schedule, in a nutshell.  Note the crazy. :)

Somewhere between 7:15-7:30am -- Miles wakes for the day.  Usually upset, though he's starting to figure out that he can play quietly in his crib until I come get him, so he doesn't start everyday screaming, anymore.  Once he's awake, I get him out of bed, change him, and sometimes even get him dressed for the day, but that entirely depends upon his mood.  We play in his room for a few minutes until he's fully with it.

7:45ish -- Downstairs for breakfast.  I'm a Bad Mommy, so it's usually something like banana slices or toast in the living room.  Even odds as to whether or not the TV is on so I can finish my cup of coffee before the day really gets going.

8:30-10:00am -- Try to get out of the house - specifically, somewhere he can run off some energy.  If we stay at home, I spend this time on the floor with him, trying to wear him out.

10:00-11:00/11:30am -- Return to his room to play with the radio on.  Goal is to get him wound down for his first nap of the day.

11:00/11:30ish -- He goes down for his morning nap.  If I'm lucky, he'll go down without screaming.  I'm not lucky very often.

1:00ish -- Miles wakes from his nap, and we have lunch.

1:30ish -- More playing on the floor.  I try to get out some fun activity for him to do - bucket of beans to play in, collapsible tunnel to crawl through, etc.  This is the other time I try to get him out of the house, if we didn't go out in the morning.  If he's playing by himself, I try to do some housework.

3:00ish -- Snack time.  Again, it's usually in the living room, and taken in spurts as he plays.

3:30/4:00ish -- Whenever Miles starts winding down (or asks for "uhstares"), we go back up to his room to play.

4:00ish -- Miles goes down for his second nap of the day.  Screaming often ensues before sleeping.

5:00ish -- Miles wakes up and we go downstairs.  He plays in the kitchen or watches "Jane and the Dragon" while I make supper.

5:30ish -- Supper, followed by playtime with Daddy.  Mommy sits in her chair, staring at the wall, and gibbering.  Grape throwing could commence and she would never notice.*

Evening is comprised of playing in the living room.  Occasionally, we will all go out somewhere, and twice a week, we have people over.  He usually snacks at some point.

8:30pm -- Bedtime.  This is the one time he usually goes to sleep without much of a fight, provided he has Glow Worm.

And then, we start the whole thing over again.  Note that all times are "-ish", because this kid is nothing if inconsistent.  Seriously, some days he only takes one long nap in the middle of the day, and others, he takes 3 catnaps.  My right eye twitches when I think about his schedule (or lack thereof).  :)

*Please tell me you've seen Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. . .


  1. Sounds a lot like our routine, especially the morning part, and the Bad-Mommy-snacks-in-the-living-room thing.

  2. Sounds a lot like our routine, especially the morning part, and the Bad-Mommy-snacks-in-the-living-room thing.