Monday, March 21, 2011

Bad Mommy Mondays

  1. Miles has a dog.  Dogs are carriers of all sorts of terrible things.  Plus, they can bite.  And they're unsanitary.  Dogs and small children don't belong together.  Meh.  Dominic and Miles are best friends.
  2. Miles allows Dominic to lick his hands, face, and everywhere else.  I do nothing to stop it.  Apparently, "that's just gross".
  3. I don't wash my kid's hands every five minutes.  I'm sure that means he has eaten dirt or dog hair or something equally disgusting, but he gets that from eating off the floor, too, so I figure it all works out.
  4. I choose my battles.  Because I have enough to do without fighting him over every.single.thing.
  5. I do not feed my kid milk of any kind.  Apparently, milk is a must because it is the only food that has calcium and fatty acids for brain development.  Ummm, yeah.  That's just dumb.  Besides, my kid gets nasty rashes and diarrhea every time he has even an ounce of milk.  Too bad he can't get those nutrients anywhere else.  Oh, wait. . .
  6. I do not discourage my son from talking to strangers.  Yet.  Someday, we'll get there.  For now, he is always with an adult he knows, and I think it's okay for a kid to say hello to someone without every other parent in the place freaking out.
  7. Miles has worn short sleeve shirts for most of the winter.  It took until a relatively nice, 40 degree day for someone to notice.  Apparently, he is going to freeze to death like that.  Never mind the fact that he always wears a coat outdoors, and sweats the second we go inside.
  8. My poor,  poor child has been forced to eat *gasp* fast food.  Actually, he quite enjoys Chik-Fil-A.  Which is awesome, because I do, too.*  :)
  9. Oh, and he may or may not have snuck a taste of my root beer while we were there. . .
  10. I don't make my son ride in the cart at the grocery store, anymore.  Because I'd rather he didn't brain himself when he MacGuyver's out of the strap and dives for the floor.  Yet another example of me allowing my child to "walk all over" me.  Meh.
*Interesting fact: I had never eaten Chik-Fil-A before last Wednesday.  Why in the hell did no one tell me that they make their chicken sandwiches plain with pickles?  Oh, yummy, yummy goodness.

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  1. You used to eat Chik Fil A ALL the time when you were under three....because apparently I was a bad mommy at some point too....I wish we still had one here!! Miss that goodness!