Thursday, March 17, 2011

Goodwill Ambassador

I have to say, Miles has restored my faith in humanity.

You see, I'm from a small community.  The kind where people say hello to one another.  Or hold the door for the person behind them.  The kind of place where people kept an eye on other people's kids, whether they were asked to or not.  In short, I grew up in Small Town, America.*

Then, one scary day, I moved to the Big Bad City.**  People don't open doors for each other.  When you start to help someone else's kid on the slide, you're told to "Back off."  People don't say hello to strangers.  Heck, they hardly look you in the eye, if they can help it.  Honestly, it's depressing.

But that was before Miles.

Miles is a miniature goodwill ambassador.  He walks into a room, and people smile.  He waves hello to everyone.  A select few are graced with a high five, and a jibberish conversation.  If he's in a good mood, he dances.  If he's more mellow, he clings to Mommy and gives a shy smile.  Regardless, though, people respond to him.  They are nice to him.  I have seen cranky old men become children again, in his presence.  I have watched awkward, or sassy, teenagers become a sensitive and intent audience.  I have watched Miles do this, everyday, for almost 18 months, and I am always amazed at how much happiness he brings to people.  Even random strangers.

The Big Bad City doesn't seem so big and bad with Miles around. :)

*Apparently, in the 50's.  Geez, it was like Leave it to Beaver. :)

**Which, given its location in the midwest, is not really all that big.  Or so I'm told.

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