Saturday, March 5, 2011

Battles & Blessings

What a week it's been . . .


  • Teething.  Yeah, these eye-teeth/canines/fangs are awful.  
  • Exploding engine.  Yeah, that sucked.*
  • Being without a vehicle all week.  Because my engine exploded.
  • Stressful work day on Wednesday.  It's a loooooong story, and I can't really get into it, but it was not a fun day.  And Miles screamed all day.
  • Epic Shower Fail.  Details tomorrow.
  • Serious lack of motivation.
  • Feeling completely overwhelmed already.  And we haven't even really started the season, yet.

  • Patrick, who has helped with the house, fielded Miles, made me laugh, and held me close when I needed it.
  • Cuddles from Miles.  I know it's because he's uncomfortable and in pain, but I'm glad that he has chosen to cuddle with me for comfort.  I wonder if he knows how good it is for both of us.
  • Stacey.  Without the use of our car, this week would have been much more difficult, and Patrick would not have been able to go purchase:
  • A new (to us) van.  As of Thursday evening, we are the proud owners of a . . . I forget the details.  A new minivan.  Hooray!!!
  • My kids' group.  After a horrifically terrible day at work on Wednesday, my kiddos were an absolute joy.  I am impressed at how much my returning kids remember, and at how quickly the new ones are learning.
  • Festival reunion party, last night.  It was so wonderful to see everyone again.  And an awesome reminder of why I work my tail off to keep my job.  I really do enjoy it.
  • My mommy forums.  Once again, they provided me with the support I needed, instantaneously.  I am so lucky to have such a great group of moms to lean on.
  • This blog.  It is so nice to have an outlet for all of my rantings.  Plus, the fact that others read it encourages me to look at everything with humor.  Because if I just ranted, it would be boring.  But, if I can make people laugh, while still venting, then I feel all accomplished and stuff.

*Okay, it didn't explode.  It had a "sprung piston", whatever the hell that means.  It still means the engine is shot.

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