Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Tunnel

For Christmas, Miles got this amazing play tent with an attachable, collapsible tunnel.  We've gotten the tent out a few times, but unfortunately it just takes up waaaaaay too much room to leave it up all the time (which is a shame, since he loves it).  The tunnel, on the other hand, collapses easily, so it stays accessible.  Lately, Miles has been obsessed with the tunnel.

Yesterday, he brought me the flat tunnel, shoved it at me, and signed, "help, please!" while jumping up and down.  So, I opened it up and threw it down in the middle of the floor, expecting him to run away and ignore me for the next twenty minutes.

Instead, he moved the tunnel around until it was where he wanted it, then came over, closed my laptop, put my feet on the ground, and grabbed my hand like he was going to pull me out of the chair if he had to.  All the while, he was saying, "Mere! 'Mere!" [trans: Come Here!]

I followed him, excited to be involved in his play for once.  He led me to one end of the tunnel, and indicated that he wanted me to sit down.  Then, he pointed at the end of the tunnel, ran around to the other side, then crawled about halfway in, yelling, "Mere! Mere!"

I sighed, laid down flat on the floor, and wiggled my torso into the tunnel.  When I couldn't go any further, Miles crawled up until he was inches from my face, grinned really big, then laid down on his back, and started talking to me.  We stayed there, chatting, for the next twenty minutes.

My heart threatened to bust with the sheer joy of sharing secrets with my son.

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