Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brown Bear Project

I normally don't post about the projects I do with and for Miles, but this one was so fun and easy that I can't help it.

One of Miles' favorite books is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?  He loves the pictures, the animals, and the repetition.  But, mostly, he loves the animals.  So, I decided to make him a set of magnets with each of the animals.

I started by Googling line drawings of each animal, and then printed them out.  I put about 6 on a page, so each one is about 3"x5".  I then delighted my inner child by coloring them all by hand.  With crayons.*

I labeled each with the words from the book (Brown Bear, Red Bird, etc.), then glued them all onto cereal-box cardboard, and cut them out.

From here on out, Miles was able to help with the project.  I got some adhesive magnetic strips (kinda like these) out, and cut them to the appropriate sizes.  Then, Miles helped peel the backing:

and stuck the magnet to the back of the animals.  Then, we took the entire set out to the kitchen, where he arranged them on the refrigerator.

He loves playing with them.  And I love that they were so simple.

*I read somewhere that the scent of crayons is one of the most highly recognizable to people from all different backgrounds.  When you get down to it, everyone loves crayons.


  1. Oh, this is SOO precious!! What a great idea!!

  2. I wish my kindergartners could help as much as Miles does! I would do this at school!