Saturday, March 12, 2011

Routine - 17 months old

Again, I am putting this here more as a reference than for anything else.  I apologize if it's boring.  I'll write something interesting tomorrow. :)

6:30 am - My alarm goes off.  I usually get one snooze.  I get up, brush my teeth, get my cup of coffee, and read or play online until I hear Miles on the monitor.

7:00/7:30 am - Miles wakes up.  Get him up, changed.  Read with him in the chair for a few moments, before going downstairs.

7:50 am - Stacey and Patrick leave for work.  Miles helps me fill his cup, and prep his breakfast, which he then eats while watching Maisy.  Depending on the day, I either use this time to eat, to clean, or to simply sit in my chair, trying desperately to pry my eyes open.

8:30/8:45 am - Take Miles upstairs after he has eaten.  Get him dressed for the day.  Get me dressed for the day.  Brush his teeth, and finish all other prep for the day.

9:00 am - Usually, leave to go somewhere: open gym, the mall, work, etc.  If we stay home, we play on the living room floor.

11:00/11:30 am - Lunch.

12:00/12:30 pm - Miles goes down for his only nap.  I clean, eat lunch, work on projects/work/etc, or simply read.

Somewhere between 2:00 and 3:00 pm - Miles wakes up.  Snack.  Play in living room (or in the office, if at work).

4:30 pm - If home, start dinner prep (including cleaning kitchen).  If at work, head home for the day, then start dinner prep.  Miles plays with pots and pans while I cook.  Or, you know, tries to climb the cabinets in an effort to find where I hide the really sharp knives.

5:15ish pm - Stacey and Patrick get home.

5:30 pm - Most nights, we have dinner at this time.  Wednesdays, I go to rehearsal.  If people are coming over, dinner waits until 6:00.

Post-dinner - Play with Miles, watch TV, do all of those little family things.

8:00ish pm - Bath time (if needed).

8:30 pm - Bed time for Miles.  We read 3-4 books, sing 2 songs, then put him down for the night.

Post-8:30 - Quiet time in the living room for the adults.  Projects, computer time, television, reading, whatever.  Just time to be grown-ups.

10:30/11:00ish pm - I go to bed.  I usually read for at least half an hour before going to sleep.

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