Saturday, March 12, 2011

Battles & Blessings

  • A migraine headache that lasted two full days, and made it incredibly difficult to move, much less take care of my kid.  The TV was on waaaaay more than I wanted it to be.
  • Missing out on my nephew, Jaxon's, first birthday party this afternoon, due to a prior commitment. :(
  • Motivation.  As in, I have none.  I have managed to force myself to do stuff, but it's been a battle.
  • I only had three battles this week.  
  • Date night with my hubby last night.  It was only dinner and driving around aimlessly, but it was nice.
  • Ninell, for insisting we take a date night so she could spend time with her great-nephew.
  • A relatively relaxed day at work on Friday, that was, nonetheless very productive.
  • A fun play-date on Tuesday.
  • Time to read again.  I'm on my second book of the week.  Since the new year, I have already doubled the number of books I've read since Miles was born.
  • Sleep schedules that are now at least somewhat predictable.  It's taken us a year and a half (nearly), but here we are.  I have never appreciated sleep so much.
  • Beautiful weather.  I am so ready for spring.

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