Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am in love with toddlerhood.   I was not terribly fond of the newborn stage.

I love that Miles has become so interactive.  I love that he will run up to me for a hug.  That he tickles me and grins about it.  That he can ask for things that he wants.  That he has his own wonderful personality that shines through more and more everyday.  That he dances like crazy anytime he hears music or a beat.  Or sometimes, just because he's happy.

I love that he has become so independent.  That he can carry his own toys and food.  That he learns to do new things for himself every single day.  That he can walk to the car and climb in on his own.  That he feeds himself, and drinks out of cups, and snuggles with me, depending on what he wants and needs.

I love everything about this stage.*  And I love that I get to be with him all the time, to enjoy every little minute of it.

Hooray for toddlerhood. :)

*Except, maybe, the tantrums.  I could do without those. :)

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  1. I want a "like" button. But since you don't have one I will just say Like!
    I'm so looking forward to having BabyBoy to hold and play with. I'm terrified too of course, but I feel I have good people to learn from as I continue this journey ;)
    Looking forward to seeing you tonight! Sorry this became something more of a FB comment *shrug*